Zoning Administration

The staff will serve as the appointed Zoning Officer/Administrator for the community, under this appointment Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. will provide;

  • A zoning review of all building permits applications for compliance with current zoning ordinance and provide determinations of the zoning ordinance to residents and applicants.
  • Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. can serve as consultant to community for Zoning Ordinance and Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) updates, as requested.

When working with the Zoning Hearing Board, Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. will;

  • Review Zoning Hearing Board applications for completeness and coordinate Zoning Hearing Board applications with the Zoning Hearing Board and the Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor including; mailings, property postings, advertisements and applicant, resident and agent notifications.

When working with the Planning Commission, Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. can;

  • Review Subdivision and Land Development Applications in accordance with the current Zoning Ordinance and coordinate township efforts regarding Subdivision and Land Development Applications including; distributing applications to Planning Commission and appropriate reviewers and provide synopsis of review letters..
  • Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. can work with applicants and their designated representatives through all stages of the Subdivision and Land Development process.