Building Inspection

As the appointed Building Inspector for the community Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. can provide the field inspections in accordance with the PAUCC for all building permits issued by the community, all inspections will be performed by certified and qualified inspectors.

All construction inspections are expected to be performed with twenty-four (24) hour notice and within the time frames arranged for service. Typical inspections for a Residential Application include:

  • Footings – Performed after excavation and prior to placement of concrete for footings.
  • Foundation – Performed after wall forms are in place and prior to placement of concrete for walls.
  • Backfill – Performed after foundation is waterproofed and prior to backfill placement.
  • Slab – Performed after sub-grade preparation and prior to placement of concrete for slab.
  • Rough Electrical – Performed after all wires are pulled and prior to the insulation being placed.
  • Electrical Service and Meter – Performed after the service drop has been installed and the meter is in place.
  • Rough Frame/Rough Plumbing/Rough Mechanical – Performed after all structural and framing members along with all water supplies, waste lines and venting are in place and prior to placement of any insulation or fixtures. Rough electrical inspection and approval shall be obtained prior to the Rough Frame/Rough Plumbing inspection being performed.
  • Insulation – Performed after insulation is in place and prior to wall finish being installed.
  • Drywall – Performed after GWB is in place and prior to any finish or tape being applied.
  • Final Electrical – Performed after all electrical work is complete.
  • Final/Use and Occupancy – Performed after all finish work is complete and/or prior to settlement. Final electrical inspection must be obtained prior to the Final/Use and Occupancy inspection being performed.