Building Application Plan Review

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Applicants for building permits will be requested to submit two (2) copies of all plans and specifications with each Building Permit Application in order for the Plan Reviewer to determine if the proposed construction complies with the building codes adopted by the municipality. The plan reviewer shall determine if, due to the scope and complexity of the project, the plans submitted shall be stamped by a design professional, licensed within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The depth of plans for various projects will vary; however, the general plans submitted for a typical Residential Application should include, but may not be limited to, the following: (It should be noted that, this brief outline does not include all required information.)

Foundation Plan

A foundation plan indicating the dimensions of the proposed structure and foundation shall be provided. The depth and width of the proposed footings. (Concrete footings shall be a minimum of thirty six inches (36”) below finished grade, a minimum of eight inches (8”) thick and shall be a minimum of 2500 psi concrete). Indicate the size and thickness of the footings and identify all materials used for foundation walls and provide information regarding the concrete flooring including all sub-grade materials and preparations

Floor Framing Plans

Floor plans for each proposed level indicating all interior layout and dimensions, including all bearing and non-bearing partitions. Indicate all beams and supports which are being utilized including the materials, size, spacing and span. Include the size, spacing, span and bridging for all floor joists being provided.

Roof Framing Plans

Roof plans indicating the size, spacing and span for all ceiling joists and the size, spacing, span and slope for all roof rafters. Indicate size of the ridge, the size and spacing of collar ties, and the type, thickness and R-factor of ceiling insulation. Provide information on all materials being utilized within the roof including sheathing, flashing, felt and shingles. Indicate all roof openings, including attic ventilation, valleys and connections that are to be provided.

Wall Sections

Wall sections indicating all wall plates, stud sizing and spacing, type and placement of all rack bracing, details on facade materials, the clear span for all cantilever sections and any and all headers being provided above openings. Indicate the type, thickness and R-factor of all wall insulation.


Cross-sections indicating foundation and all framing members, including all pre-engineered structural members (floor trusses or roof trusses) which are being utilized. Each type of pre-engineered structural member must have a truss certification, stamped by a professional engineer licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, provided at the time of application.

Application & Reviewed

The application will be reviewed by the plan reviewer for compliance with the adopted building codes. If the proposed project does not comply with the applicable building codes including any individual amendments to the standard code, the applicant will be notified by phone and/or mail regarding the specific items that need to be addressed.

It is expected that plan reviews for residential applications will be completed within fifteen (15) working days and commercial and industrial applications will be completed within thirty (30) working days, these review times are specifically identified within Act 45. Large scale residential and commercial projects may require additional review time.