About Keystone Municipal Services, Inc.

Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. was established with a mission to become the best and most complete Building Inspection/Zoning Administration firm in the Southeastern Pennsylvania region. To this end, we have retained the best-qualified personnel available and provided them with the knowledge and tools to meet any challenge.

Our staff has countless years of municipal experience in Building Inspection, Zoning Administration, and Code Enforcement.

Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. can work with your municipality to establish a program that meets the criteria of Act 45 – The Uniform Construction Code (UCC) for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This Act identifies specific ordinance adoption criteria and provides for time limitations for plan reviews as well as other criteria regarding building inspection and code enforcement. This newly adopted law has changed code enforcement across the state and we are currently out in front with a staff of professionals educated in the intent, purpose and enforcement of the law. Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. is registered with the Commonwealth as a Certified Third Party Agency, (No. A00027).


All services provided to a municipality are tailored to meet the needs of the individual community. We understand that communities have different needs and concerns and prior to initiating any work activities these will be identified, and with direction from the municipality, a plan of action will be mapped out. The Building Inspection and Zoning Administration services provided will be coordinated with the municipality and seamless to residents and applicants. The personnel serving the municipality will function as though they were direct employees of the municipality; they will keep the regular office hours established by the community while performing all work activities and will maintain daily inspection logs and report directly to the municipal manager or other appointed municipal officials.


All building inspection personnel placed in the field are Certified and/or Registered with the Commonwealth. Staff members are proficient at performing a wide array of specialized inspections including all aspects of residential and commercial construction. In addition, the plan review services that will be provided are among the best and most complete in the industry. These high standards are maintained through a detailed training regimen, mandatory certification and employee participation in seminars and continuing education.

Keystone Municipal Services, Inc. members are certified in numerous aspects of construction and site inspection. Zoning administration personnel are well versed in zoning concepts, ordinance preparation and the Municipalities Planning Code for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.